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Kshs 3,000


Participants in this course review the stages and effects of chemical dependency and its impact on both individuals and society as a whole. This course examines theories of drug addiction and ways to assess, classify and treat it. Students learn to spot symptoms, signs and patterns of drug and alcohol abuse, especially in adolescents. They also discuss the role of the counselor in prevention and treatment.

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Kshs 3,500


In this short course on selling I cover some important ground to help either beginning or under-performing salespeople move to a higher level of capability and success. Here's what I cover in this class: Why Some Salespeople Thrive. It Starts With Goals. What Are Your Goals for 2015? Goals Get Done With Data (KPIs). What Are Your KPIs?. Goals Get Done With Weekly Plans. What's Your Weekly Plan?

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Kshs 5,000


This one day training course is for professionals already working with teenage children and families offering counselling, therapy or therapeutic support. Navigating through the teenage years can be a very stressful and challenging time for the teenager and adults alike. The adults involved with the teenager are often faced with behaviours and responses that they can’t make sense of and are at a loss of how to implement interventions or offer support that will help rather than exasperate the situation.

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